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Hearing Health Kit for Kids
ATA's Hearing Health Kit for Kids:
Hearing Health: Awareness and Prevention
Through Behavioural Change

Hearing loss is a key health issue in Australia - our second most prevalent disability. Noise induced hearing loss is incurable but preventable. Current research shows that teens and under 25s are losing their hearing at three times the rate of their parents at a similar age. It is essential to prepare children to protect their hearing from ever increasing noise levels in the wider environment, be it rural or urban.

The Hearing Health Kit for Kids consists of a Teaching Manual and an audio cassette, with 17 tinnitus noises and a message from singer/songwriter John Williamson, who has noise induced tinnitus himself. This Teaching Program for Primary School Children demonstrates the value of hearing, the dangers of noise, the importance of prevention. Click here for more details.

In a Review of the Hearing Health Kit for Kids, Dr Eric LePage, Senior Research Scientist, National Acoustic Laboratories, writes: "This excellent teaching manual gathers together a lot of very useful material on hearing for teachers . . ."
Read the full Review here

To order a copy of the Hearing Health Kit for Kids for YOUR school, simply print out the ORDER FORM and post or fax it to ATA today.

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